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Social Media

Promoting your website

Once your website is complete, the next step is to promote your site.

While we’re building your website we will optimize every single page for search engines. This means we will add keywords related to your website that will help your site rise up the ranks of Google (other search engines are available)

Although SEO will help your site in web searches, there are other ways for you to promote your website.

Social Media

We hope you’ll be so pleased with your brand new website that you’ll want to show it off to your family, friends, work colleagues and the rest of the world, so a good place to start to promote your site is on social media sites.

All of our sites can have social media share buttons embedded, this means with a couple of clicks you can share your site with your friends on Facebook or let all your followers know about your new site on Twitter.


Another important aspect of promoting your new website is creating backlinks, these are incoming links from other websites. Once your site’s finished we’ll advise you of the best ways to create quality links from other websites. Backlinking helps the Google pagerank of your site, which will help you reach that goal of being listed on the first page.

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