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What is a WordPress website?

If you don’t know what a WordPress site is – you’re looking at one right now.

There are (approximately) 63 million websites in the world built with WordPress. The website building platform is used by businesses, news channels, celebrities, musicians and colleges, to name but a few.

So there’s a pretty good chance you’ve cast your eyes over one before.


Why use WordPress?

Over the years we’ve used lots of website building platforms from Dreamweaver to Serif, however since using WordPress we’ve never looked back.

We love the clean and tidy style of websites that are built on WordPress and luckily Google love their sites too.

The WordPress platform started back  in 2003 with one piece of code to improve the typography of daily writing and it had a handful of users. Since then it’s been used on millions of sites and is recognised and respected throughout the world.

If you want to know what other websites use WordPress check out their Clients List . Athlete Usain Bolt, News channel CNN, Rockers The Rolling Stones, Delivery company UPS and rapper Jay Z are just a few of the 63 million users of WordPress – So if you choose Newmarket website design, your site will be in good company.